Asiago Plateau, Veneto Alps, great idea: the organic gourmet breakfast!

How toi enjoy the first food of the day: la colazione italiana!

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 JULY 6-7th 2013: In Asiago, venetian Mountains, took place a curious weekend gourmet event  for the delight of the throat but also an opportunity to learn, remember and living in the nature.

A success. A great success. The event organized by the Asiago Tourist Board “ 7 Comuni Plateau” was so crowded that exceeded expectations. 

Two intense days dedicated to an important  topic to the welfare and health: breakfast and afternoon snack. In this case, even signature ones, yes, because the Asiago event was attended by celebrity starred chefs, who proposed healthy delicious recipes, created with local organic ingredients, first of all the “Rigoni di Asiago”, with many varieties of Fiordifrutta organic jams, various kind of Mielbio organic honeys , also a creamy and luscious nut and  cocoa cream “Nocciolata”, literally assaulted by all kind of guests, not only by the children!

Journalists and vip guests of the event truly lived these mountains. since their arrival delighted by the specialties of chef patron Alessandro Dal Degan, owner of the restaurant La Tana di Asiago, and Massimo Spallino, the “Minibar”, two chefs who have demonstrated, with their special menus, their genuine attachment to their territory with a twist of contemporary elegance.
A well-deserved night's rest, on Saturday morning, after a hearty breakfast, all the guests were invited to have a walk on the “Altopiano”, the plateau.

An extraordinary and exciting path in the woods since the evocative name "The Path of Silence" but, above all, a wonderful natural route between spruce, beech and works of art in memory of the thousands fallen military men of the 1913-1918 Great War.

We ended with all the flavors of the mountain, including an inimitable fragrant selection of Asiago aged cheese and organic polenta in Campomuletto Refuge.
The gourmet event began on Saturday afternoon with a show all about the “merenda”snack.  Alessandro Dal Degan “La Tana”, Paul Strobe “Al Pesso”, Alberto Basso “Tre Quarti”, Riccardo Antoniolo “All’Ottocento”, and Fabio Chilese, La Peca (two Michelin stars),all famous chefs, highly original and creative, performed in front of the guests with healthy and natural ingredients.   

On Sunday morning, nothing better than to indulge in a breakfast "as it should be" and this was planned by the Tourism Association Board “Asiago 7 Comuni”.

The social breakfast  was served in the square, open to the public, at a symbolic price of 2 Euros for charity. The response to it was amazing. A veritable sea of ​​people, adults and children. All tables with amount of good organic things: homemade bread in different shapes and flavors, cakes, jams, honey, yogurt, juices and beverages of all kinds. All in the full respect for natural and perfect for bringing good energy.
To frame this human tide, over 20 booths that offered their products, strictly typical of the venetian area.
On Sunday morning, again for the journalists and guests, took place a very interesting conference about the importance of eating well since the beginning of the day, during which distinguished experts and qualified speakers like Mauro Maccioni from New York,
descendant of the famous dynasty of legendary restaurant owner in New York Sirio Maccioni and now a brand in the most luxurious hotels worldwide.

All from different parts of the world, have made important recommendations on the topic "The importance of breakfast ". A theme always much discussed but, on this occasion, has shown that there is still much to learn.
And for the grand finale in the afternoon, a new show cooking, dedicated to breakfast. Starring Enrico Bartolini, Hotel Devero, Michele Citton (chef Nicola Negretto), Hotel Villa Michelangelo, Marco Colzani,” best pastry of the Year” to Gambero Rosso Guide for the last two years, Marco Masè (chef Melania Ilaria Esposito), Hotel Bertelli, Paolo Teverini, Hotel Tosco Romagnolo, and Elizabeth Chelodi (chef Alessandro Gilmozzi, two Michelin stars), an expert on mise en place at the Hotel Laurin in Trentino Mountains.
Luigi Cremona, famous and award-winning food and wine journalist and refined palate critic led ideated and led the event with great skill and professionalism. Coordinator, the publishing company Witaly, with Lorenza Vitali, an important point of reference for leasure, travel, cooking and everything that is about “stile di vita italiano” around this world.

Colors, flavors, memories, landscapes and, last but not least, a philosophy of life that is often overlooked. A summer weekend, surely to be remembered. And we hope to repeat!



Lorenza Vitali




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