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When there is a natural disaster such as the hearthquake that occurred in Italy in the Central Apennines in recent hours, many people enhance charity initiatives, thanks god, but sometimes the are of questionable value. Among many, the oneI I chose as valuable is the idea of ​​Slow Foodl: the ashtag is #unfuturoperamatrice

SlowFood is the organizer of a fundraise in the world, with the peculiarity to make it last a whole year. The main actors of this initiative will necessarily be restaurateurs from around the world who are asked to cook the “Pasta all’Amatriciana” the iconic traditional dish symbol of the village “Amatrice” which was seriously destroyed by the quacke.   We hope of course that - thanks to the waiters and the Maitres and Hospitality  key operators, the communication of the message  will pass very clearly- the customers will choose this  dish regularly. For each Amatriciana dish consumed, 2 euros will be donated, one euro offered by the restaurant, one given by the client: the collected funds will be paid directly to the City of Amatrice. The "amatriciana" pasta is one of the iconic dishes of our traditional cuisine best known in the world and that's why we hope that it will not  be difficult to reach some good numbers! "Hopefully we can also spread the values ​​of solidarity and sharing their peasant culture which arises "said Carlo Petrini, President of Terra Madre and Slow Food, which also reiterated that one of the first concrete things to do is to choose food products that come from the affected areas to support the local economy. # unfuturoperamatrice

City of Amatrice for payment is: iT 28 M 08327 73470 000000006000

Subject: a future for Amatrice

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